this is a story of a lovely little wolf pup

the pup faces a ton of dangerous situations
but, whenever the pup was in danger
it could be sure 

that no one will come to protect it

this small wolf pup was alone.
it never was part of a pack
never knew the protection of loving parents

there were parents,
but they were to weak and selfish to care.
its parents could not even love or protect themselves,
and much less anyone else.

in it’s youth
the pup was lonely
and helpless.
but kind and full of hope.

so the pup grows up
and gets stronger than its parents ever were.
it has big teeth, big pranks and a warm coat
and collects a whole wolf pack arround it

but it still knows the pain
when nobody cares
when nobody is willing to protect you

so, you can be sure
when you have a part in its pack
and somebody hurts you
it hurts it
and it will do everything to protect you