Unifotoseminar mit Le Hai Linh

Fotoseminar 14

so many things to do so many work to do so many sticks and stones just wanna be free

Fotoseminar 13

„Winter is nature’s way of saying, ‚Up yours.“ – Robert Byrne [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/chillhopdotcom/idealism-snowfall[/soundcloud]  

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Fotoseminar 04

One rarely Man you will see in my Gallery. [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/asap-rocky/bass-prod-by-clams-casino[/soundcloud]

Yellow Autumn Mask

„I know the lands are lit, with all the autumn blaze of Goldenrod.“ – Helen Hunt Jackson [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/elijahwho/ivegotherlove[/soundcloud]

Fotoseminar 01

Good Morning Vivi! Da standst du heute morgen da noch voll verpennt unterm Baum rum :D Beim Fotoseminar mit @lehailinhphotography [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/mattdeguia/daylight[/soundcloud]