shitty things of my Life


  „Sein graues FellKomplett zerbissen aber hält noch warmSein Rudel unkontrollierbar doch es folgt ihm bravDer Hunger so groß immer auf der JagdDie Augen trüb,… Weiterlesen »Wölfe

autmn cozy mood

atm im in autmn cozy mood [soundcloud][/soundcloud]

seasons of life

[soundcloud][/soundcloud] my life i never hate it sometimes i love it but most of the time its a fuckin struggle

Long Way Home

we’re taking a long way home [soundcloud][/soundcloud]


some lights are those of lighthouses some lights are those of candles in which moths burn


sometimes my hand trying to reach something that’s warmin up my whole life

it comes back

  [soundcloud][/soundcloud] lit by lit by hand by hand step by step my fire comes back