Is instagram still fun for you?
Making a post everyday, doing stories everyday, just to feed the algorithm because you need the f*king attention.

Instagram – where attention is the currency, is the perfect miniature model to our capitalistic rat race elbow society.
Everyone is fighting for the place in the feed, to get more attention, and the system allways feeds these players who already have enough and more than everybody else.
The system doesn’t care about quality, realness or innovation. The worst crap can be a major player, because the system only sees the numbers.
And thats effects everyone of us, we compare creativity by the quantity of numbers, not by the quality of content.

Likes over Quality, Likabilty over Realness.

I know these guys, telling its just about fun, community and inspiration… from guys riding a tsunami wave of beeing overhyped and having thoughts of suicide when not getting the expected amount of likes, so just stfu.

But you can’t quit, because of the fear of missing out. When you quit, you see all the other guys evolving and you don’t want to feel left behind.
So you do it further like an hamster in the wheel.
But you don’t do it because it’s fun, you do it because it feels like an obligation.
Instagram is the obligation, not the passion. Sadly i perceive meanwhile the obligation is more important than the passion.

Sometimes i have to slap myself in the face to remember:
The only thing you should be obligated to is your passion.
Shooting photos and beeing creative is the passion.


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