photography is my language

this is not a photography account
i wont tell you anything about photography

photography is just a way to deliver
all the things you try to say
where words are not enough

talking about photography is like
talk about talking

photography is my language,
not my content

i have no followers

the internet world doesnt exist to me

from time to time
people come to me
talking about my followers
how many followers i have
how many followers i gained

in my percepion,
i feel no difference between
the two hundret followers
i had, when i have started
to the number of followers i have now
i feel the views, but i dont feel any care

I have no followers
nobody follows me anywhere
all i have is observers

are all these numbers worth it
if no one of them cares for you,
no one of them likes you, 
because no one really knows you

say it to everything out there

do you now these times
when you just dont wanna get interrupt
from the whole world outside

when you just wanna be with yourself
and retire to your turtler panzer

and youre happy
by saying fuck you
to everything out there

only optimism never despair

all in or nothing but if you feel that your personal happiness depends on the outcome of this event, do not even try!
act only out of optimism, never out of despair.


Luisa – Milano Vibes 10

Leute die behaupten mit sich selbst im reinen zu sein sind entweder zu langweilig oder zu unreflektiert.


Ich kann keine karrieregeilen Menschen mehr sehn.

Ich kann keine karrieregeilen Menschen mehr sehn.
Die Menschheit braucht nicht noch mehr egoistische Individualisten, die sich nur Gedanken um sich selbst machen.

Ich möchte mehr gute Menschen sehen,
Menschen die sich Gedanken um den Sinn unserer Existenz, unseren Platz auf dieser Welt und um das Wohl aller machen.

signs for the right way


are you afraid of failing?
i am

i am afraid of failing
and everytime when i am afraid,
i realize im doing the right thing

would it be relevant if i wasnt afraid?
would it be a new step if i wasnt afraid?
its a red warning sign for the right way


head in the clouds


and when i sleep my head is in the clouds
on an airship swimmin in a white ocean

Nasty – Hookahchill 07

having a stylish no-lifestyle is better than have a lifestyle without style

seasons of life

my life

i never hate it
sometimes i love it
but most of the time
its a fuckin struggle

most important things in life

do not go on a search
go on a journey
the most important things in life
you will never find them
they will find you

butterflies between tents and trash

where phoenixes rises between ashes
butterflies rise up between tents and trash

Love - on the cliff

i am not afraid to fall off the cliff
i am afraid that you will jump without me


some lights are those of lighthouses
some lights are those of candles in which moths burn


sometimes my hand trying to reach
something that’s warmin up my whole life

it comes back


lit by lit
by hand by hand
step by step
my fire comes back

the next step

the next step will not necessarily lead you only to the front

Meike – Forvert 05

it is no fun and not easy to be the biggest tree in forest
most others looking up to you while they trying to cut through your tribe

different guys

some guys got talent
some guys got the persistence
and some guys only got the right timing


a unique relationship

a unique relationship requires no special personalities
a unique relationship only requires two sincere hearts



there are no miracles in life
its in your hands making life miracly

Dani - Local Mountains 01


there is no short cut on the way up

Nasty – Hookahchill 05

when you have a good heart and people treating you bad
it does not tell you anything about you as person
the only thing it tells: you are in bad company

Nasty – Hookahchill 04

no need for individualism
if you have a personality
you are individual enough

Freedom in my World


in my world
freedom is nothing given
in my world
freedom is everything you take

ocean full of boats

i feel like im swimming alone
in an ocean full of boats
filled with people with the same direction
and im swimming

construction site

all day my head feels like a construction site nobody has ever worked on

Alexandra – Barcelona Vibes 02

i am no maze
i am a city with a single road
..and a street-map for free

Luisa - Milano Vibes 01

we are all restless
we are all searchin

doing nothing
finding nothing

we wont ever be lucky
if its our only goal


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