sun and stars


sit down
watch the sun disappears behind the horizon
and the stars appear

there are people
making your universe shining bright
but like the sun
they appear and disappear again

and there are people giving you just a little light
but even in the darkest times
and like stars they shine for you
even if you dont see them

i wanna be a survivor

i wanna be a survivor
wandering through an apocalyptic world

i wanna walk through an empty world
where i am the center of society

i wanna fight for survival everyday
the only thing i want to feel is the fear of starving

and i would accept my days of loneliness


look at this picture
imagine you and your whole family
take a walk at this beach
imagine how each one of them would act
did you?

do you see faces of them
of some people you like
of some people you love
and maybe of some people you just can get along with

you know, i did the same
the result of my imagination
you see in the picture

i dont know my destination


i dont know my destination
somewhere between freedom and disorientation
somehow between passion and lack of sence
i dont know what i want
i dont know what im missing
i wanna walk my way
but i dont see my way
so im just lying on it

im a narcist

im a narcist
a view on myself
seeing me sit up on a tower
higher than everybody else

im not able to stand
i just sit there
on a tower carried by
all the people lookin at me

if they turn around
if they dont look at me anymore
my tower collapse

and im sittin there
between their legs
unable to stand
and nobody sees me

move mountains


everything is easy
there are these days
you feel like
you could move mountains

everything feels heavy
today it was one of those days
i feel like
im under a mountain

but thats okay
no need to judge me
just go with the flow
even if the flow not exist

and in me

i feel warm outside
and cold inside

i look bored outside
and whiny inside

get me out here
and some cozy stuff to wrap in

let me feel the sun on my skin
and in my laugh

your own universe

youre the designer of your own universe

facts are neutral
you can have good days
you can have bad days
without changing the facts

perspectives are individual
you can change bad weeks
to good weeks
by changing the perspective

facts are temporary
you can change bad years
to good years
by overthrowing the facts!

window of my eyes

i go for walks
i do hikes
i climb mountains

all in my head
i miss the moment
because I’m all in my head

i’m trapped
in the world in my head
get me out of here

i wanna live the moment
not only see the moment
thru the window of my eyes

You are less, than the Picture You were

I reach my Hands,
not for You
For a Picture of you,
from a Person you never were

I felt in love with this Person
the Person you’ve allways tried to be
I loved this Person,
the Person you never were

And now I see
the Person you’ve allways tried to be
and the Person I see
you will never be

This person you were,
when you tried to be like me
Was the best Person,
you are able to be

find the one

find one to watch the moon and the stars
find one to jump naked in a river with you
find one to argue in the middle of the night and cry till the morning sun
find one climbing with you over fences
find one running with you through the rain
find one where every moment feels like a story

i wish i could feel the joy of the moment


i wish i could feel the joy of the moment

i wish i could feel the soft breeze of wind
i wish i could feel the gras touch my hands
i wish i could go wherever the wind takes me

enjoy the moment of carefreeless
enjoy the moment of thoughtlessness
someday you will miss them painfully

just for the short moments

the moments in which time stands still
just for a short moment

i’m running from one to the next
just for the short moments

hoping that the gears in my head will stop
just for a short moment

searching, running, fighting for peace
just for a short moment

mental carousel

mental carousel
it is getting light
and it’s getting dark
world is passing in front of your eyes
your head goes around in circles
have no fear
but dont stay too long
you wont find out
or fall into darkness
use the movement
jump into the light
mental carousel

climbing and climbing

dont worry
youre climbing and climbing

and after the dungeon where the air you breathe
only contains tasks, barriers and everday life

you scale a montain where the air you breathe
doesnt exist

and you die
because you need oxygen

post scriptum:
for every image in which your extremities are cut off, you lose them in a parallel universe

post post scriptum:
and something with freedom, personal development, goodvibes and stuff

a long way without destination

it felt long
the way on beach to the sea

when you lay down in the sand
look up in the sky
feel the wind brushing your skin with sand grains
and you watch the gras gets whipped by the wind
its hard to stand up and tie your shoes

but i did it
i stood up
tied my shoes
did one step
and the next step
and feel my feet are sinking in the sand

pull my boat
step by step
into the sea
and feel my feet are sinking in the sand

and i did it
i pulled my boat in the sea
and now im sitting here
in my boat

i lie on the rocking wood
look up in the sky
feel the wind brush my skin with small drops of seawater
and i watch the sea gets whipped by the wind

dont know where i am
dont know in which direction the wind carries me

my heart beats colors

my day feels gray
the sky is gray
my pulse low
my heart beats colors

Donatella - Milano Vibes 01


we wait
we wait for decisions

decisions we cannot control
decisions we cannot influence

the harder we try
the more we lose

so we wait
and gettin crazy


Stars and Clouds

its dark
and im walking through the park

im alone
lookin up in the sky

seeing grey clouds
and black sky

stars are shining
through the clouds

far away from each other
and sorrounded by clouds

each of them speacial
each of them one of a kind

never reaching each other
in middle of clouds

but ever shining bright
through the night

Picture of...

I felt in love with this Picture,
the Picture you drawed of you

Im was in Love with this Person,
but this Person never was you

Im in love in this Picture,
but this picture doesn’t show you

A Diamond and A Polished Glass

A Diamond found it in the dust
It was crystal clear

A Diamond thought A Diamond could help to grind it
It polished itself

A Diamond carried it into the light
It was shining bright

A Diamond treated it like a Diamond
It acted like a Diamond


An erathquake

An earthquake
buried both deep in the earth

An earthquake
buried both deep in the dirt


A Diamond keeps the shape
It gets cracks

A Diamond stays pure
It gets dirt in the cracks

A Diamond can not break
It does


A Diamond is still a Diamond


Hannah and Friends – Wake Up Call 02

A golden Sky above the city.

You gonna meet some friends.

But you aren’t stressed.

You take a walk through the city to your destination.

Everywhere voices and people on the streets.

The smell of barbeque and beer is in the air.

Dark houses between bright streets looking like the scales of a firelizard.

Take a trip to cologne.

Take a trip to my airbnb 😀

Relax & Sunshine Oasis – Im Herzen des Stadtlebens




admiring you
supporting you in any case

going to the next to you
in case of a better case

wanna be like you
doing everything for you

murdering you
for a small window of luck

longterm good for you
killing you in one moment

Daphne - Home 01

Never trust somebody living in loneliness
Because I can’t hold on when I’m stretched so thin
I make the right moves but I’m lost within
Never put on a daily facade but then
I just end up getting hurt again
By myself


Hard Day

there are days and im feelin good
there are weeks and im feelin good

im feelin good to be honest
im feelin good by never overplaying

this day is cruel
this week is cruel

no need to be cold
no need to fake coolness

no thought about me
will effect my progress

none of my thoughts
looking back

step by step
i veer away

Yvonne Fisah Sunsetghetto 04

the rain begins with a single drop

the day begins with the first light beam

every journey you take begins with the first step

everything you have become started with a single thought

All people leave

There are the few
There is the one

For the few there is only one
Thinking about

For the one there is only one
Thinking about

and you

The few are gone
Only staying

the one

Stepping down the Rabbit Hole

the horizon bright
my way dark

above freedom
below scare and monsters

above my mind
below my heart

my shadows pull me down
they cant

my way down
my choice

facing all my demons
breaking all the chains

a long way
after all

above freedom
below peace

Okulele Ending Theme

I feel no anger
I feel no sympathy

Sure, there is sadness
No sadness for leaving my life
Sadness not to know who have been in my life

This is not a favor
This is just the next number in the series

lisa tipsy efeld 09

colorful dots in the dark

over the city

people yelling

cant sleep

late night blues

luhki foggy future 04

Facing life is like
standing in front of a wall of smog full of problems
You – to small. Smog – to big.
Need more than a lifetime to solve all this

Sometimes its more easy
to see life as a sea of fog full of opportunities
You – to small. Sea – to big.
Not all lifetimes together would be able to explore the whole sea

You will never get to the point where there is nothing left to do

Kelly cornfield 07


Sometimes there are to many words

To many voices

To many Opinions

Sometimes i just want to be myself

Only feel what nature’s got for me

lisa rusty 09

see the walk of scars

I am walking my way
they are battles when you are weak

I am soldier
every battle leaved a scar

I am battling no more
long way behind me

I was a soldier
lots of battles behind me

I am strong
every scar made me stronger

I left behind me



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