So, I look at the editing of my pictures like this, I split the editing of my pictures in three levels and edit them in this order too:

1. Level Basic Settings

Before After

Here I get as much picture information out of the picture as possible, adjust the white balance and contrasts, and regulate the haze, the clarity and the structure. For pictures taken in the same situation and / or the same settings and conditions, these basic settings can be easily adopted.

2. Level Image Optimization

Before After

It starts with lens correction, re-sharpening and noise reduction, then it goes to the artificial noise / artificial vignetting.

Before After

If necessary then local adjustments are going to be made now.

Settings which I have now posted under image optimization should not be taken over for other images without further notice.

3. Level Color Look (Preset)

Before After

Now just save the settings made under a snapshot, choose a color look from the presets, and the picture is done!

Before / After

Before After


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