this is a true strory of two young boys.
once in a summer there was a basketball camp. a hundred of boys ten to elven years old were meeting there everyday, playing basketball. two boys of them didn’t score a single point, the entire summer. they were disappointed by themselves, and thought they were too untalented to ever play basketball on a good level.
after the camp at the end of summer, both of them came home to their families, they were crying and telling their fathers the awfull story that they didnt score a single point.

the father of the first boy, gave him a hug and said:
„listen, wether you score zero or score 60, i love you no matter what“⠀

the father of the second boy said:
„what did you do the whole summer, you can do it better“⠀

the first father gave his boy the freedom and the backing to do everymistake he needs and wants to do, without any bad conscience. And because of this freedom, this boy did so many mistakes, but with every mistake he did, he learned, gained experiences and was gettin better and better.

the second father just expects the result, without giving his boy the power and the backup for the way. this boy expected a result for every step he did. he never learned that the way to the goal is full of failures. he never had the energy or the backup to learn to forgive himself for a mistake he does, so he only judged himself and never learned from his mistakes.

the first boy: became kobe bryant
and second: you never heard of him again


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