all dreamy

clear head diffuse light no tasks reachable goals total awake all dreamy Before After MAKC.R_Airbnb.1207 5€ 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 After the Paypal payment process you… Weiterlesen »all dreamy

thank you

showing love and devotion, much more than I could so strong, allways believing in an happy endingand restoring my faith in trustteaching me weakness and… Weiterlesen »thank you

somewhere else

somewhere else nothing reaches meno words and emotionsa place all by myselfno space for underwhelming societybut i’m stil here, staying herei’m weak Before After MAKC.linda_bonn.5092.1… Weiterlesen »somewhere else

fly away

loose all the memoriesleave all the weight behindlet yourself free and fly away Presets buy now the preset of this picture Before After also edited… Weiterlesen »fly away


headlessfeels like drowningmy body is stugglinbut cant find a directioni’m tireddunno if i headin upstreamor sinking further Presets buy now the preset of this picture… Weiterlesen »headless


i dont want to see thrue this glass and see myselfi want to see thrue this glass and i wanna see youi want to see… Weiterlesen »mirror


we livei am pent-up here,rooted⠀between my brothers and sistersall the same, all yellownobody moves out of linewe feel the windtogether we rock left and right⠀everything… Weiterlesen »dandelion


how many hearts you can breakhow many mistakes you can makehow many relationships you can destroy⠀just for your joy…⠀karneval⠀⠀⠀Wie habt ihr euer Karneval gefeiert? War… Weiterlesen »karneval

i can’t fly

i feel likei don’t need anybodybut that’s a lie⠀i feel likei’m flyingbut that’s a lie⠀i feel likeweightlessbut i can’t fly⠀i feel likei can’t even walkand… Weiterlesen »i can’t fly


amethystthe sun is shiningyou shine brighteveryone admires your sparkleand your magical lightbut when the sun disappears behind the horizonyour sparkle is goneand your darkness comes… Weiterlesen »amethyst

Starke Menschen

Starke Menschen sind nicht wie Felsen.Starke Menschen sind wie Bäume.Sie fühlen und sind verletzbar.⠀Jeder Schnitt hinterlässt eine Narbe.Zuerst sichtbar in der Rinde.Doch der Baum wächst.Und… Weiterlesen »Starke Menschen


i was born on the high seas⠀where others find currentsthey carrythat show them the directioni found only vortexesand if i came too close to themthey… Weiterlesen »deeps